Hello, thanks for coming into The Pondering Nook.

My name is Michelle.


Here, I'll be discussing a wide variety of topics including parenting, step-parenting, love, sex, marriage, divorce, body-image & much more. I will be documenting many of my own personal experiences.


My goal here is to explore relatable topics that matter to all of us. Writing is one of my greatest joys and it's going to be my pleasure to share my life stories & observations with you.


Indulge in my ponderings. I hope they provoke your opinions, awaken your emotions, & inspire you to relate.

You can listen in on my podcast called, The Pondering Podcast where I discuss blended family dynamics, plus relationship issues, and self-improvement.


You can find more of my featured work published at Medium,  Stepparent Magazine  & have access to my collection of Flipboard magazines here.


You can follow The Pondering Nook on Instagram @ThePonderingNook 


Feel free to contact me privately at Farawaytree3@hotmail.com.





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