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Am I Mother Enough?

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

On this journey of becoming a mother, do we ever really know if we're doing it right? Will we look back and wish we'd played more, laughed more, or simply been more?

Do I love deeply as a mother should? Do I give enough of my time? Do I give enough hugs? Do I give enough encouragement?

Am I mother enough?

Do I worry about my child's safety enough? Am I worrying too much? Am I making the right decisions? Will I regret the choices I've made?

To a mother, it almost always feels as though it's never enough. Not enough attention, not enough time, not enough patience. We struggle with guilt and inadequacy. We battle with our tempers and with our pride.

In all of the sicknesses, happy moments, injuries, tears, triumphs, and love, am I being all that I can be as a mother? Am I succeeding in being that beacon of wisdom, comfort, humor, and care?

Am I mother enough?

As mothers, we have a unique magic. You are someone's light at the end of the tunnel, that all-knowing person sought out for guidance and a pillar of solace in the middle of a nightmare. You are someone's world. Maybe you are several people's world. You are a mother.

There's no tangible way a mother's love can be measured. There's no simple way to know for sure if we are doing it "right." As a mother, you just keep on. You keep on holding, smiling, scolding, and loving. You keep on evolving with every mistake and every lost temper.

Sometimes you move through mothering like a wounded soldier, wandering in confusion. Other times, you breeze through like you were born to do this. There will be bloodshed, rage, helplessness, and tears. But there will also be enlightenment, joy, invaluable lessons, and smiles that completely melt your soul.

To be mother enough you simply have to have faith that you're doing your best even at your worst and that you're giving what's needed while also keeping yourself sane.

To be a mother who gives enough, you must also give to yourself. Then you will be enough. You will be enough to know that you're absolutely priceless to your child and that you are a gift to the world. You are pure gold to be valued and cherished.

I can tell you that I am and you are most definitely mother enough.

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