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I’m A Married Woman — But I Still Want To Be Sexy

Being married means you’re committed to another person, you’ve made a vow to be with just that one person, and you don’t foresee yourself being with anyone else, right?

However, that doesn’t mean that your sense of sexy has to disappear just because you’ve found a life partner.

People talk about how married couples tend to let themselves go as far as exercising, eating healthy, or looking attractive.

And this may be true for some married people. It IS easy to get comfortable when you’re already in a relationship and have found someone who wants to sleep with you every night and who finds you absolutely desirable even in your sweat pants.

But I’m not necessarily talking about physical appearance here.

I wrote an article once about why being sexy really has nothing to do with appearance and I still believe that to be true. Being physically attractive definitely contributes to overall sexiness — SURE. But having a lust for life, a passion for things that excite you, and finding happiness within yourself is what truly makes a person sexy.

I feel the sexiest when I am content with my decisions and choices in life.

So when I say that I still want to be sexy within my marriage and appear sexy to the world, I’m not just talking about being physically fit and beautiful. I’m talking about having that glow of satisfaction when I make good life choices that agree with my body, my mind, and my soul.

Having a healthy relationship with your partner is sexy.

Being able to communicate your needs clearly and having the ability to function together as a couple is undeniably appealing and most certainly something we often take for granted.

But you can’t contribute any of those things to a relationship if you don’t feel good about yourself.

Just because I’ve snagged a life partner doesn’t mean I’m going to stop putting in the effort to better myself.

I don’t want to lose my appetite for self-improvement just because I’m part of a couple. I won’t become complacent in my journey of self-discovery or in the evolution of loving who I am within my own skin.

I always want to feel sexy, married or not. Not just for my husband or for my own ego — but for my own personal well-being. Loving who I am, what I’ve learned, where I come from, where I’ve been, and what I have to offer makes me a much better partner.

Even when we’ve found our ‘soulmate’ or our ‘one’, we should always strive to best our best selves.

Being in a marriage or long-term relationship shouldn’t ever inhibit one’s desire to unapologetically fabulous and sexy.

I’m a married woman — and I still want to be sexy.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

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