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To The 'Auntie' Who Keeps Showing up

I write a lot about being a stepmom and the dynamics that role brings. But there is another role out there that certainly doesn’t get acknowledged enough — especially when so often a huge amount of effort is being put into it.

Being an aunt who shows up.

Being an aunt may be a role you merely shrug off if you’re not very involved in your niece or nephew’s lives. However, there are so many involved aunts out there who really do give it their all.

And I want to dedicate this to them.

To the aunt who always remembers a birthday or a special event. To the aunt who stays super involved when she doesn’t have to. To the aunt who babysits. To the aunt who is like a second mom. To the aunt who is like a big sister.

I salute you.

To the aunt who may not want her own children yet or maybe can’t have children but still adores dedicating her time to her nieces or nephews.

To the aunt who already has her own children yet still seems to find the time to make room for her nieces or nephews.

You are an inspiration.

To the aunt who is always there to add an extra helping hand, extra emotional support, and extra guidance as a teacher and a friend.

To the aunt who always makes time during a hectic schedule, a busy career, or a demanding job.

You really are the best.

To the aunt whom a child can go to when perhaps they cannot talk to mom or dad. To the aunt who listens. To the aunt who offers advice. To the aunt who cares with all of her soul.

To the aunt who takes her niece or nephew back to school shopping or on a surprise movie date. To the aunt who goes on cool road trips or walks through the forest. To the aunt who loves to bake delicious things.

You are so very much appreciated.

To the aunt who you can turn to. To the aunt who offers comfort. To the aunt who teaches kindness. To the aunt who makes you smile.

There are so many things about having an incredible aunt that quite often gets overlooked. We sometimes forget that these women are just as important as those of us who are mothering. They are treasures we should value. They are pure gold.

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